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Top Dog TradingOne of our favorite trading teachers, Dr. Barry Burns founder of Top Dog Trading, is making a special offer. He’s giving away one of his favorite trading setups: “The Rubber Band Trade.”

This trade actually makes money, and you can get it right now online for no charge.
* It works for both day traders and swing traders.
* It works on forex, stocks and futures.
… and he explains it all in a free video you can get right now as part of his 5-day free video trading mini-course (the Rubber Band Trade is given on day 4).

Go get it now while the page is still up.

By the way, the video course is entitled:
“Make Money by Breaking Every Trading Rule You Ever Leaned!”

The entire course is great, but the fact that Dr.Burns is giving away the Rubber Band Trade, we still can’t believe it.


About Dr.Barry Burns,Dr.Burns is a businessman who has owned several small companies. His business background taught him to focus on the bottom line, so his study of the financial markets was for one purpose only: to make profits.
He started his study of the markets under the direction of his late father, Patrick F. Burns, who accumulated 70 years of trading experience in his lifetime.

In addition, he hired three professional traders to mentor him personally, and even went to Chicago to work with a former floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. All of this research and study resulted in insights which eventually led to the development of his own Top Dog Trading methodology.

An outline of his trading contributions:

  • Featured as a case study in the books “Using Candlestick Charting: How To Earn High Rates of Return – Safely” and “Investing in Derivatives.”
  • Won a First Runner Up Readers Choice Award for “Technical Analysis Web Sites” by Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine.
  • Developed a 5 Day Course for WorldWideTraders.
  • Headlining speaker at DayTradersUSA.
  • Headlining speaker for the Market Analysts of Southern California.
  • Given seminars around the country at many Wealth Expos and Traders Expos.
  • Interviewed on the Robin Dayne “Elite Masters of Trading” Radio Show.
  • Interviewed on
  • Published many articles for various outlets including eSignal Central.
  • The former lead moderator of FuturesTalk chat room guiding listeners through the open and close of each trading day.
  • Currently one of the featured Experts at Trader Kingdom.
  • Conducted live webinar co-sponsored by the CME Group.
  • Doctorate in Hypnotherapy and is a certified NLP practitioner, and therefore able to help people with the psychology of trading.
  • Founded Top Dog Trading, to help students shorten their learning curves in becoming traders.
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How to avoid choppy markets

Many traders are able to make some money when their setups occur, but then give their profits back when the market goes into CONSOLIDATION.

If only you could know when the market was going to be choppy; That one piece of information could possibly turn you into a profitable trader!

Choppy markets chop up your profits. Sometimes learning when NOT to trade is just as important as knowing when to trade. Knowing your trading signals and when to trade is your “offense.” Knowing when NOT to take your trading signals is your “defense.” To win at the trading game you need both a good offense and a good defense.

You can learn all about it from this great Special Report:
How to Avoid Choppy Markets and Get in on Major Trends.” The Report can help you by giving you proven filters you can add to ANY trading method telling you when your trading-setup is likely NOT to work.

But, just as importantly, it also teaches you how to anticipate the end of choppy conditions and the beginning of new trends … therefore getting you early into new mega trends! ….Top Dog Trading.

Order a copy here


Top Dog Trading

Take out stops for fun and profit

Have you ever felt that the market “knows” exactly where your stops are?

Have you been frustrated by the market taking out your stop, and then turning right around and moving in the direction of your original trade?

Have you ever felt that the pros are intentionally gunning your stops? The bad news is … They are! Stop running is a common technique employed by Floor Traders.

Dr. Barry Burns published a Special Report in which you’ll discover:

  • How they know where your stops are.
  • The best (really ONLY) place to put your stops.
  • How you can play their game and make money by taking out other people’s stops.
  • What to do when your stops are taken out, and then the market continues in the direction you originally trades.

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Top Dog Trading

Trading “Tricks” floor traders use against you

Everyone needs an “edge” in trading. Without it, you’re dead meat. Have you ever felt that sometimes it’s uncanny how the market does exactly the opposite of what it’s “supposed” to?

That’s not a coincidence. Professional traders make a living by breaking the rules everyone “knows” to be true about trading. The pros also use technical analysis techniques that are”invisible” to the amateurs.

Now you can see them for yourself and learn how to make them visible on your own charts!

Dr. Barry Burns wrote a Special Report on this very thing that you absolutely must read.

You can get the details right here

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